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ALicia Vita jones, lead actor - Star of 100's of episodes of Degrassi. Reignalicia

"I am so grateful to have Walter Alza as my acting coach."


alexAlex Ozerov”. (Co Star, The Americans,Lead actor BITTEN SEASON 3 2016) BLACKBIRD WInner Tiff, GUIDENCE winner Tiff)-This studio is where my journey as an actor began. Aside from the skills and techniques of acting that you learn, the most valuable things that I got out of here is the work ethic, discipline, and the character you build along the way, which prepares you for auditions and work on a real set. The class culture is positive and high energy. A real family-like vibe. An environment where true improvement is harnessed.
Working with Walter Alza is a life altering experience in its own. Nothing escapes this man. Expecting and encouraging every week to try something new and escape your zone of comfort to push boundaries in your skill set. If you are a serious actor and want to take your craft to the next level I highly recommend this studio! I owe my current success to them

"Walter Alza has been an inspiration to many of my clients. He gives them confidence, perspective and a new approach to auditioning which ultimately helps them win the role." Shari Quallenberg Agent/OWNER AMI Artist Man agement Inc.

Amanada Joy (show creator & star of Second Jen) I would highly recommend this class to any actor looking to reconnect with their instrument outside of set/the audition room.amanda

"Walter has given my clients a new perspective, a new approach to auditioning with a focus on being the best they can be, and on winning. Success naturally follows" Nancy Brown - AMI Agency

trevorI booked a role on a TV show and the great Kevin Spacey is an associate producer and narrator! I owe so much to the studio and the people who make it possible to keep pushing ourselves. Thank you thank you thank you to the instructors and all my peers and most importantly the magician himself Mr. Walter Alza for always believing in and pushing me forward and upward. Much love! Trevor JT Ketcheson



Caroline Pocklington

It was during a long hiatus from acting and attending auditions, that I realized how much I truly loved & longed for the craft. In the past there were many studios that I had the chance to attend and appreciate; however none can even come close to my experience at Alza Acting Studio. Since completing my first session and up to the present day, not one class has let me down. Constantly you are given a challenge and its up to you how you wish to conquer it. It has been a privilege to be guided by the studios dedicated instructors Walter, Dean and Tim – whom all give each student the chance to perceive things from three different perspectives. Whether you are an individual just starting out with no acting experience - yet :-), or a working actor looking to improve your instrument - this studio is the perfect place for you to make it happen. As Walter Alza always says: : “You are as big as your Dream”.

brendan jeffersBrendan Jeffers (Degrassi)
After winning a BRAVO Award for Best Supporting Actor last weekend, I thought a shout out to Sir Walter Alza was due. I studied with him for years, and it's no coincidence that my passion morphed into a career und

craig porriet

After booking 5 auditions on a roll, I can tell you Walter's method works!" C. Porriet

jakeCongarts Jake 3 gigs on one week!




I want to thank you so much for being such a terrific mentor to Nat. She has blossomed over the past few years, and a lot of that has to do with her following her interests, and you being there to teach and guide her.
Your personalities come together and make something larger than the sum of its’ parts. It’s gratifying as a parent to see this, and to know that she’s in such a safe supportive environment. Thanks Walter. Linda Lees

adrian_wHey Walter I would just like to say thank you again for welcoming me into your studio for a class audit. I walked away with some great acting tips from both you and your students that I applied to an auditon I had the following friday and I just got confirmation that I booked the role. So thanks again, you're a great coach! Adrian Walters

“After knowing him for a while I highly recommend Walter's classes. You won't be disappointed.” Stephanie Porter, Porter group agency.

Mentoring actors since the 1990s

Welcome, the first thing you might think is, wow, lots of testimonials! Wait, there is a reason. We don’t want to sound presumptions and say how great our classes are, bla, bla, bla, but instead we want you to read first hand from the students. FYI All of them started at ground zero, some with us, some came later on wishing to become crafted, none of them came from another planet, wait, maybe Walter Alza... (keep reading below)

Some of Alza's Students Success



(con't) some just wanted to see if they can do it. Today some of them are the busiest and most crafted actors in the country working internationally.  We believe that you if you can dream it, you can achieve it. But you must take action to see if it works.  The ball is in your court…Ready to Play? Action!




Walter Alza and our award winning faculty have over 50 years of combined professional working experience in film, television and theatre ready to give it to you first hand. Alza Acting Studio offers some of the most inspiring acting classes in Canada, effective private coaching, career planning. We teach Acting Classes for Beginners, the experienced actor that wants to take things to the next level, emerging actor, aspiring actor, for those crossing over from Theatre to Film & Tv, individuals who want to expand from other mediums such as dance, singing, business professionals, Individuals searching to work in their confidence, life skills, speakers and more. It is our mission to develop each individual's truth, body, soul and voice no matter their experience level.


Private coaching sessions are designed with your unique needs in mind, tailoring content depending on objectives and level of experience. Carrer planning Sessions: "Blueprint to Sucess" can include: personalized analysis of an actor’s skills, experience, professional representation and unique truth to help craft an action plan for ongoing success within the industry .






  • Award Winning Team

  • Beginner to professional actor level Acting classes

  • Walter Alza directs a monthly agent showcase for those in need of getting an agent

  • Effective Actor's Career Planning

  • Top guests Casting Directors, Directors, Producers

  • Specific method that will change your work and path

  • The highest Technology in Canada

  • All classes have multiple cameras

  • Playback in all classes

  • Family oriented acting studio

  • Zero Attitude

  • Diversity

  • Easy to get to us, we are located at Yonge and Bloor

  • Walter Alza and Alza Acting Studio are members of TAAS (The Acting Studio Association)


Our Actors/Students are currently working in leading, guest starring and principal roles in most of the major films and series been shot in Toronto and around the world. Our actors have gone on to win awards and light up the silver screens at some of the top largest festivals in the world, including Cannes, TIFF, Venice and hundreds of festivals around the world. The studio has helped shape the career of many successful Canadian actors who have gone on to star, co star and play principal roles  in films & series such as The Americans, Bitten, Degrassi, CrackedFlashpoint, Rockie Blue, Lost Girl, Blackbird (winner at tiff), What we have (winner at TIFF Inside Out) Hannibal,  HBO’s Transporter,  The Strain, Nikita to name a few..


Walter Alza is one of the few coaches in Canada who actually teaches what he does.  Walter Alza’s objective is to do for students what great teachers like Meisner, Stella Adler, Lee strasberg, Chekhov and Stanislavski did, these great masters were directors and or actors before they become teachers". When selecting a private studio/school look for those who do what they preach”.


Studio Founder-Director

Walter Alza

Award Winning-Actor/Director/Writer/Producer/Acting Coach.


walter alzaWalter Alza (Get Rich or Die Trying, Flashpoint, Metropia) was educated in two different countries, originally from Argentina (The nation of the wine, Tango and great Meat) came to Canada in his teens. Walter's work spans for more than 20 years of with hundreds of hours of screen time in the big and small screen, His ability to artfully portray characters from diverse nationalities in over 40 films, television series’ and movies of the week has garnered him rave reviews in the U.S., Canada and around the world,  Walter was featured in hundreds of newspapers, entertainment TV shows, magazines and radio interviews.

Some legends that Walter Alza has worked with include John Candy, Edward Woodward Oscar Winner director Robert Wise(West Side Story), Robert Loggia (scarface) Paul Sorvino (Good fellows, Mambo Italiano) Leslie Nielsen (The Naked gun), Christopher Lloyd(Back to the Future) Robert Stack, Charles Bronson, other actors, and directors include Academy Award nominee Terrance Howard 50 Cent and Academy Award nominee director Jim Sheridan, Ricky Gervais, Omar Miller, George Wendt (Cheers) Eric Bana (Munich, Black Hawk Down, Hulk, Hanna, and Star Trek).Omar Miller ( 8 Mile, Should we Dance) Katherine Ohara (home alone), Kelly Macdonald Boardwalk Empire America Ferrera (Ugly Betty) Kim Coates (Sons of Anarchy) Jeff Arch (Writer: Sleepless in Seattle) John Landis (Dir of Blues Brothers, Thriller Michael Jackson), Director Ken Finkleman, DANNY WELLS. Adwally Ogunleye (Lost)David Carradine, (Kill Bill) Don McKellar,Maury Chaykin, Martha Henry Paul Gross (Due South, Men with Brooms) CARLO ROTA (24) Callum Keith Renni (Memento)Kim Huffman (Mama Mia, Traders, Looking for Leonard) Rick Schroder (NYPD) John Vernon Yasmine Bleeth 90201, Catherine Robertson (902101, Scary Movie 3) Annabeth Gish (90201, Double Jeopardy), John Stamos (Full House, Fuller House) Nick Campbell. READ MORE ABOUR WALTER ALZA


Check Walter Alza's Television & Newspapers Reviews


"Most people quit because they get discouraged. True warrior's don't get discouraged." I love this quote! Thank you Walter.

-If you don't put the work, you just give the opportunity to someone else to succeed-

This unique Acting Classes in Toronto will also cover monologues for film & tv and theater  

Did you know Alza Acting Studio was featured in MTV?  

"Act with a winner"  - Liz Braun -The TORONTO SUNWalter Azla; Stanislavski worked on his craft until his last days.  He was well over 70 years old.   He was a great actor, director and acting coach.  Devoted to the craft

The truth concerning the passions, verisimilitude in the feelings experienced in the given circumstances, that is what our intelligence demands of a dramatist. ”
—Pushkin's aphorism, 1830

To be a successful actor you really have to have a passion for the craft and the patience to wait for the big break. Although being an actor is extremely rewarding, finding work can be a challenge. The profession requires great commitment and fortitude.