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ALicia Vita jones, lead actor of 100's of episodes of Degrassi. Reign alicia Josipovic

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grateful to have Walter Alza as my acting coach."


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Many are Imitators, but we believe in been original creators.   "We believe that what one person can accomplish, another thousand could accomplish as well and It is our mission to develop each actor’s truth, mind, body, soul and voice' Walter Alza"

Welcome to Walter Alza Acting Studio

Dream it. See it. Do it. (tm)


are ideal for the experienced, beginners, and or crossing over from Theatre to Film & television, for dancers and business professionals. The goal remains the same: to become Crafted, to book more gigs and to find your truth. ALZA (Means TO RISE in latin) Located in the heart of Toronto (Hollywood North) at Yonge and Bloor Alza Acting Studio features a modern suite of state-of-the-art cameras, large screens and live technology. acting class

Walter Alza is one of the few coaches in Canada who actually teaches what he does.  Walter Alza’s objective is to do for students what great teachers like Meisner, Stella Adler, Lee strasberg, Chekhov and Stanislavski did, these great masters were directors and or actors before they become teachers". When selecting a private studio/school look for those who do what they preach”.


Some of the most accomplished actors we have developed,  at one time were ordinary people with  ZERO acting experience. 

walter alza studioWe are proud of all our students - whether beginners or seasoned talent -Our Actors are currently working in leading, guest starring and principal roles in most of the major films and series been shot in Toronto and around the world. Our actors have gone on to win awards and light up the silver screens at some of the top largest festivals in the world, including Cannes, TIFF, Venice and hundreds of festivals around the world. The studio has helped shape the career of many successful Canadian actors who have gone on to star, co star and play principal roles  in films & series such as The Americans, Bitten, Degrassi, CrackedFlashpoint, Rockie Blue, Lost Girl, Blackbird (winner at tiff), What we have (winner at TIFF Inside Out) Hannibal,  HBO’s Transporter,  The Strain Nikita to name a few..

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Are you ready to become a crafted actor? craft acting waltr alzaDo you need to refine your skills to reach the next level? Are you an emerging talent who could benefit from professional coaching? No matter what your goal, our mission is to teach proven methods and provide you with the tools you need to reveal your personal truth and elevate your craft.

Our Approachcraft acting alza

Our method is simple: be, do, in combination with Walter Alza’s proven technique, we pay respect to legendary teachers like Sanford Meisner, Stanislavsky, Lee Strasberg and Stella Adler to name a few. We believe that the best acting schools offer instruction coming from actors for actors and great directors, teaching the skills and disciplines common to all great performers

YOU WORKING ON CAMERA acting class on camera
In our studio it mirrors working on set with Award Winning Professionals, multiple time award winning actors and directors who are ready and willing to give their passion, skill and talent to take you to the next level and help building your confidence with a new set of skills.

We are passionate about the craft and we want to share that passion with you. Our work has been out there for 30 years now. We offer you the chance to develop your instrument and nourish your craft to work on film, television and theatre. For us it is about the craft, quality versus quantity. The great legendary teachers  Sanford Meisner, Stanislavsky, Lee Strasberg and Stella Adler to name a few, they were actors before they become great teachers and directors.  

People say Walter Alza and our Award winning faculty are rare passionate, actors, directors and acting coaches who genuinely love working with actors. We have the extraordinary ability of bringing the best performance out of each actor. More info please visit us at  If you want to be crafted, take your passion to the next level and learn to use effective tools, if you need to be motivated all the time, we are the right studio for you.

Finally, do you want to be set apart from the rest?

-If you don't put the work, you just give the opportunity to someone else to succeed-

NEWS: Walter is Co starring and appearing in several projects this year. Walter Alza and faculty are also currently developing several projects. We work the craft and we pass on to you.


Practice makes the actor permanent.  Walter Alza

Stanislavski worked on his craft until his last days.  He was well over 70 years old.   He was a great actor, director and acting coach.  Devoted to the craft

The truth concerning the passions, verisimilitude in the feelings experienced in the given circumstances, that is what our intelligence demands of a dramatist. ”
—Pushkin's aphorism, 1830

To be a successful actor you really have to have a passion for the craft and the patience to wait for the big break. Although being an actor is extremely rewarding, finding work can be a challenge. The profession requires great commitment and fortitude.

Great actors study their entire lives

The director of "What we have" Winner of best film Inside out at TIFF: "Thank to you Walter Alza for your incredible acting teaching

Several of clients studied with Walter and have nothing but great things to say about his techniques. After knowing him for a while, I highly recommend Walter's classes. You won't be disappointed" - Stephanie Porter - Porter Group Agency

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"Walter Alza is delicious as the testosterone-driven, boorish Walter Slavic" - john doyle, globe & mail

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"Canada's very own bad boy" - ctv eTALK Daily



PRIVATE COACHING with Walter Alza pays off