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ALicia Vita jones, lead actor - Star of 100's of episodes of Degrassi. Reign

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grateful to have Walter Alza as my acting coach."


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"Walter Alza has been an inspiration to many of my clients. He gives them confidence, perspective and a new approach to auditioning which ultimately helps them win the role." Shari Quallenberg Agent/OWNER AMI Artist Man agement Inc.

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·       WANT TO KNOW WHAT'S SHOOTING IN T.O. region this month? GO TO THE actra SITE...  


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·       Essential: THE CASTING WORKBOOK: the casting directors source, you have to pay a minor fee but you must be listed on this service one you have your tools:

·         CRAIG'S-LIST, NOW and EYE: occasionally great audition notices are published in the classifieds BUT be sure to exercise "due diligence" and watch out for scams and shifty slime types.

Other useful audition resources:

·       Register with L.I.F.T The Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto. The LIFT cast list of performers is open to non-members for a $25 fee and is a good way to contact the kind of filmmaker who will get you noticed with an interesting short film. Not a source for paying gigs though.  Toronto Details at:


Playback magazine

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·       Popular site for independent film-makers, etc, free listing of your actor's resume: