Private Coaching Acting

Privates are on camera and craft work. Privates are tailored to each individual depending on needs, objective and level of experience.

One on one appointments available for performers to have 45 minutes one on one meetings with Walter Alza. Discussion of personal development, career coaching, additional audition work or demo materials are welcome at this appointment, made available for some of our more experienced participants - and to allow for a more intimate setting and additional time for our more seasoned performers.

Blueprint to success

Blueprint to Success is the quintessential seminar for new and emerging actors who want to succeed but need a plan. Walter will share his insights on how to create an actionable blueprint that takes you where you want to go.

This hands-on session teaches you what you need to do to break into the industry, and stay there. How to get in, how to stay in, what’s expected from agents, casting directors, head shots and more. How to get your plan ready, or change your existing path to maximize success. 30 years of experience that work.

Class Descriptions

All our classes are regarded as the top of the cream when it comes to Craft. A Sudio with 0 Attitude, at Alza (Rise) it's all about the work, passion and having fun. All classes are shot with highest technology in Canada.

Intro to Acting On Camera & Alza's Method & Craft Beginner/Intermediate On-Camera Scene Study Advanced On-Camera Scene Study
Private Coaching One on One (#1 service of the house) The Craft Class Seminar - Blueprint to success™ with Walter Alza