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The director of "What we have" Winner of best film Inside out at TIFF: "Thank to you Walter Alza for your incredible acting teaching and support" Maxime Desmon


"Congrats Alumni Elma Begovic Starring in BITE! LA TIMES CALLS IT:" One of the 5 horror movies to see this summer" -"Working with Walter allowed me to hone in on my scene study and character development skills. He has an honest and raw approach to working with actors, which allowed me to step into a natural realm of my craft" Elma Begovic

Several of clients studied with Walter and have nothing but great things to say about his techniques. After knowing him for a while, I highly recommend Walter's classes. You won't be disappointed" - Stephanie Porter - Porter Group Agency

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"Walter Alza is delicious as the testosterone-driven, boorish Walter Slavic" - john doyle, globe & mail

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"Canada's very own bad boy" - ctv eTALK Daily

-The Craft Class –with Walter Alza Starts This month (the instrument) 4 levels

"The craft class is absolutely wonderful. It is at the same time challenging which it great. It will take you places that you forgotten or might have buried deep down inside yourself. But once you let it out, it feels like the best achievement in the world. It is so inspiring, makes you want to play, go out there." Alex Ozerov.

The craft class has helped me be aware of my surroundings and my feeling. Learned to give in to trust, to be in touch and to contact within me. LIL

The craft class has opened me up to myself and helped me to access parts of myself that I had locked away. I’ve learned more ways to connect to characters and scenes and how to discover more about them.

I’ve learned to be less self-conscious and I’ve been inspired to continue on this long journey, which I now love even more than before. Thank you! Laura. 

The craft class has helped me be aware of my surroundings and my feeling. Learned to give in to trust, to be in touch and to contact within me.   Lil.

The craft class has opened my eyes to a person I’d never would of known I could be. It opened me up to another me, someone I know I can always be.   Cesare.

In this class I’ve had the privilege of seeing things and being places that I haven’t seen or felt in over 12 years.

It is a great way of remembering who I am and where I am coming from in a deep artistic way. Sebastian.

The craft class is a great, I see how the exercises invoke the emotions and how to explore them. But I keep worrying I don’t have emotions within me. I had to get out of my head, I am to f**king logical I have to let it go! Aaron.

I am thankful and grateful that I was wanted to do the craft class, it has allowed me to scratch to surface of opening myself up as the true artist that I am inside. It has made me understand how critical the foundation is, how much dedication and practice so required to become crafted, and how far I have to go. Mostly I am ------------ reworking my imagination, which has been underused in my daily work life. This does make me ----. It makes me feel alive.  Selena.

"Walter Alza has been an inspiration to many of my clients. He gives them confidence, perspective and a new approach to auditioning which ultimately helps them win the role." Shari Quallenberg Agent/OWNER AMI Artist Man agement Inc.

SEE WHY ACTORS, AGENTS AND THE MEDIA LOVE ALZA ACTING STUDIO Check Walter Alza's Television & Newspapers Reviews


Why Alza Acting Studio?

Walter Alza and our award winning acting school faculty boast over 50 years of combined experience in film, television and theatre to help you become an accomplished actor.

Alza's award winning faculty of actors and directors are some of the best teachers in the city in conjutcion with casting directors who are our guests doing leactures and workshops at the studio, are here to share with the actor their invaluable experience first hand, this can make the hard workinga and or aspiring actor successful.

Walter Alza Acting Studio was founded over a decade ago at Yonge and Bloor by Trailblazer and multiple time Award winning actor/filmmaker  Walter Alza. Walter Alza’s work spans for more than 20 years of solid work, with hundreds of hours of screen time and the big and small screen, and titles such as Get Rich or Die Tryin with 50 Cent and Academy Award nominee director, Jim Sheridan and Terrance Howard (Empire, Iron Man).  You have seen Walter in Flashpoint; in the six time award winning film, At The Hotel, Metropia (over 80 Episodes). As a filmmaker Walter's feature film debut was solwalter alza 50cent d to 8 different networks across Canada including TMN, Rogers where it aired in Pay Per View and VOD and 7 other networks. Walter directed and produced the winner of the Best Foreign Film in Nevada Film Festival 2010 "Clive Houston, We Have a Problem" - an edgy comedy.

Look out for Walter Alza on Netflix's Special Correspondent with Ricky Gervais (The Office), Eric Bana (Munich, Black Hawk Down, Hulk, The Time Traveler’s Wife, Hanna, and Star Trek). Kevin Pollak (The usual Suspects), (Kelly Macdonald Boardwalk Empire), America Ferrera (Ugly Betty, Superstore).Walter Alza is also currently developing various films and web series.

Walter is regarded as one of Canada’s most complete and crafted acting teacher. Walter Alza Acting Studio has been crafting Actors for over a decade now.

Walter has an extraordinary ability of bringing out the best performance from any actor. Walter has taught and or moderate at the Actra Conference (the actors union), at various film festivals (and universities), at Equity Showcase and leads the agents showcase at casting workbook a few times a year.

“When Walter acts, you see the intensity of a beast in him, Academy Award Nominee Director Jim Sheridan Get Rich or Die Trying(Dream House, In America, In the name of The father)

Several of clients studied with Walter and have nothing but great things to say about his techniques. After knowing him for a while, I highly recommend Walter's classes. You won't be disappointed" - Stephanie Porter - Porter Group Agency

Walter Alza is one of the few teachers in Canada who actually teaches what he does

Our Other Selected Studio Guests & or Workshop Instructors conducting with Walter Alza are Brian Levy - Casting Director (blackbird) Casting Director Millie Tom (Hulk). Head of Casting director’s society in Canada Marsha Chesley (the Weight),
Casting Director Jenny Lewis,

Casting Director Ron Leach
Casting Director Julian K. Casting Director Majorie LeckerEmmy Award Winning Director Ron Murphy. Guest Director Award Winning Director-GAIL HARVEY-(The Weight). Paula Smith -- Producer/Writer Metropia
Casting Director & Author Marsha Chesley ( "Little Mosque on the Prairie"this is wonderland) Agent Stephanie Porter from The Porter Group  Tonya Lee Williams - - Actor/Producer/ Reel World Film Festival Founder Coming Up Guests: at the Studio: Producer Director Bill Marks Paraside Lost, Casting directors Juli Ann Kay, Marcha Chesley(the Weight) Millie Tom (Hulk)

Past and Coming Up Guest Speakers :Emmy Award Winning Director Ron Murphy. Casting Director: Deirdre Bowen. Casting Director: Millie Tom Producer/Writer Paula Smith (Metropia, Paradise Falls) Gemini Award Winner Casting Dir. Jenny Lewis, Sara Kay Lisa Parasyn(Actor/Producer/Reel World Film Festival founder) Tonya Lee Williams, Producer) (Agent, Porter Group) Stephanie Porter. Agent/Producer Angela Argento- David Krae Producer/Director (The House), Gangster Exchange (Prod.)- Writer and assistant to Multiple Academy Award nominee and Winner Jim Sheridan, Renata Radamidov.

Walter’s credits also include teaching and/or moderating at the Actra conference (the actors union) various film festivals and universities, and at equity showcase. Walter also teaches a few times a year at the agent showcase at casting workbook.

“After knowing him for a while I highly recommend Walter's classes. You won't be disappointed.” Stephanie Porter, Porter group agency.

Dream it. See it. Do it.

We’re proud of all our students - whether beginners or seasoned talent -Our Actors are currently working in leading, guest starring and principal roles in most of the major films and series been shot in Toronto and around the world. Our actors have gone on to win awards and light up the silver screens at some of the top largest festivals in the world, including Cannes, TIFF, Venice and hundreds of festivals around the world. The studio has helped shape the career of many successful Canadian actors who have gone on to star, co star and play principal roles  in films & series such as The Americans, Bitten, Degrassi, CrackedFlashpoint, Rockie Blue, Lost Girl, Blackbird (winner at tiff), What we have (winner at TIFF Inside Out) Hannibal,  HBO’s Transporter,  The Strain Nikita to name a few..

Are you ready to become a crafted actor? Do you need to refine your skills to reach the next level? Are you an emerging talent who could benefit from professional coaching? No matter what your goal, our mission is to teach proven methods and provide you with the tools you need to reveal your personal truth and elevate your craft.

We’ve crafted acting classes in Toronto for all levels - whether you’re a beginner or a professional actor. We also offer private coaching sessions giving you customized guidance and personal face time with Walter himself.

Our Approach

Walter Alza Acting Studio is passionate about its commitment to acting. We believe practice keeps you permanent and offer the opportunity to work your instrument and nourish your craft to successfully work in film, television and theatre. Across all Walter Alza Acting Studio acting classes, it’s our mission to develop the actor’s truth – body, soul and voice. Our methods, in combination with Walter’s proven techniques, pay respects to legendary teachers like Sanford Meisner, Stanislavsky, Lee Strasberg and Stella Adler to name a few. We believe that the best acting schools offer instruction coming from actors for actors, teaching the skills and disciplines common to all great performers

onset walteralza.gif

YOU will be working On camera in our studio which it mirrors working on set with Award Winning Professionals, multiple time award winning actors and directors who are ready and willing to give their passion, skill and talent to take you to the next level and help building your confidence with a new set of skills.

Our Mission

We are passionate about the craft and we want to share that passion with you. Our work has been out there for 10 years now. We offer you the chance to develop your instrument and nourish your craft to work on film, television and theatre. In each of Alza Acting Studio’s classes, it is our mission to develop each actor’s truth – body, soul and voice. For us it is about the craft, quality versus quantity. We pay respect to our history, to the great legendary teachers  Sanford Meisner, Stanislavsky, Lee Strasberg and Stella Adler to name a few, they were actors before they become great teachers and directors.  

People say Walter Alza and our Award winning faculty are rare passionate, actors, directors and acting coaches who genuinely love working with actors. We have the extraordinary ability of bringing the best performance out of each actor. More info please visit us at  If you want to be crafted, take your passion to the next level and learn to use effective tools, if you need to be motivated all the time, we are the right studio for you.

Finally, do you want to be set apart from the rest?

-If you don't put the work, you just give the opportunity to someone else to succeed-

Walter is Co starring and appearing in several projects this year. Walter Alza and faculty are also currently developing several projects. We work the craft and we pass on to you.

walter alza live

Walter Alza in one of his many live shows appearances - Frank De Angelo show, a week after Al Pacino was in the same chair.

"Walter was the first one to get me out of my box, and my comfort zone. He inspired me to believe in myself and I will go far. I owe a lot to you Walter." Michael James Regan, Producer Backlash/Actor, Hannibal


PRIVATE COACHING 1 on 1 & Blueprint Private Agent Package with Walter Alza pays off

Congarts Trisha 3 gigs and a new agent in one week.

Congrats Danielle Aarssen! Walter, I have three films shooting in the next 5 weeks. Every piece of encouragement has truly helped me get here and I can't tell you how happy I am to be at this point in life and belonging to the studio :)

jakeCongarts Jake 3 gigs on one week!



marcoCongrats Marco just got cast in a film!


Congrats Jeniffer just got cast in a film!

Congrats Aryan just got cast in a feature film!