" "As I have traveled through my career few actors have impressed me as much as Walter Alza. With superb work habits & impeccable honesty I watched him work flawlessly with Academy Award winning director Jim Sheridan & first timer 50 cent. In my opinion Walter can be only a help to anyone he works with & will shine in any role he takes on." - Omar Miller (Get Rich or Die Tryin', Shall We Dance, 8 Mile, Law & Order, Things We Lost in the Fire Miracle at St. Anna; Spike Lee.) Los Angeles

globe & mail

"Walter Alza is delicious as the testosterone-driven, boorish Walter Slavic" - john doyle, globe & mail

globe & mail

"Canada's very own bad boy" - ctv eTALK Daily

Watch Award Winning Actor/Director/Producer/Writer And Alza Acting Studio Director Walter Alza In The News- Reel

Walter has a wonderful gift when it comes to his craft, he is focused, truthful and his instincts never let him down.

" Casting Director Millie Tom ( RDC Associate The Hulk, Love Guru)

Walter Alza-Award winning actor, writer, director and visual artist.

Special Correspondents Look for Walter in this upcoming Netflix Original movie, the highly anticipated film by Ricky Gervais. Releases in 2016.


Walter Alza is a true talent dedicated to all facets of his professional craft. He is an accomplished, award-winning actor, writer, director and visual artist. Walter’s work spans over 20 years with hundreds of hours of screen time - on both big and small screens - to his credit. He has appeared in titles such as Get Rich or Die Trying (starring 50 Cent & Academy Award nominee directors, Jim Sheridan & Terrance Howard of Empire & Iron Man), Flashpoint, Metropia and in the six-time, award winning film, At the Hotel.

His ability to artfully portray characters from diverse nationalities in over 40 films, television series’ and movies of the week has garnered him rave reviews in the U.S., Canada and in international media.

John Doyle from The Globe & Mail said, "Walter Alza is delicious as the testosterone-driven, boorish waiter "Slavic" in At The Hotel. ET Entertainment Tonight Canada called Walter, "… a scene stealer” for his portrayal of a vicious Colombian gangster, Raoul in the drama Get Rich or Die Trying.

Because of his tireless efforts to portray diversity in his work, he earned the Reel World Film Festival’s Trailblazer Award in 2005 and the City of Toronto Award in 2006.

Most recently, Walter will be co-starring in the 2015 Netflix original movie by Ricky Gervais entitled, Special Correspondents set for release in 2016.

Writer/ Director /Producer

“Walter Alza is the changing face of television. He represents an emerging trend in Canadian programming.” The Mississauga News

Walter’s passionate commitment to the craft and to his fellow actors led him to expand his work, opening the doors to his own production company, Alza 44 Films Ltd. in 2005.

His first film Redemption, Tears and Trains garnered him vital critical acclaim. Pay in Full, Walter’s 2010 feature film debut was sold to 8 different networks across Canada including TMN and Rogers (where it currently airs on PPV & VOD). The film was chosen as the closing selection at The Toronto Independent Film Festival, plus sold out all screenings during the Reel World Film Festival.

Walter went on to direct an edgy comedy called Clive Houston, We Have a Problem, garnering him the Best Foreign Film award at the 2010 Nevada Film Festival. His film Open Your Eyes Katarina premiered as an Official Selection of the Ireland International Film Festival in 2008 and has since gone on to screen at film festivals all around the world. As well. Walter shares collaborative awards across ten other industry works.

Walter’s goal is to continue telling stories that matter, entertain and are heard at the global level.


Walter is one of the few teachers in Canada who actually teaches what he does for a living, offering his students the rare opportunity to be led by a renowned acting professional.

Walter opened Alza Acting Studio in 2005, offering beginner to professional level acting classes based in Toronto. Since then, sharing his tools and vision, he has taught hundreds of actors in the classroom and through private coaching, both in-studio, at Casting Workbook and Equity Showcase. Walter Alza is all about developing the craft and whether coaching a beginner or helping an established actor perfect his craft, Walter is all about the work and believes practice keeps you permanent.

Today he holds the distinction of being one of Canada's preeminent acting coaches, working closely with a hand-picked group of performers. He has been cited as having the extraordinary ability for bringing out the best performance in any actor.

Actors, under Walter’s guidance have appeared in literally every major Canadian television series, countless films and commercials and have gone on to win awards in both Canada and the U.S.

Walter teaches all across Ontario, speaking at conferences and workshops. He is frequently invited as an esteemed guest speaker and moderator at ACTRA conferences and Film Festivals all across North America.

Walter is a member of the ACTRA diversity committee. Alza Acting Studio is a member of TASS.

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Walter Alza, a crafted actor continues his journey…

Selected Press
"Walter Alza gives two powerful performances in Three and a Half as both the hot blooded Yugoslavian Igor and the quiet Italian workman.” (screened at Sundance and Montreal Film Festivals)

1. Liz Braun, The Toronto Sun

“Walter Alza nails the part as a homicidal killer in 'Get Rich or Die Trying' " Produced by Paramount Pictures starring 50 cent, Terrance Howard and directed by six-time Oscar Nominee Jim Sheridan (In The Name of The Father).

1. Mississauga News

"Walter is Canada’s very own bad boy." (on Get Rich or Die Trying)

1. CTV E-Talk Daily

“…Alza is a scene stealer.” (on Get Rich or Die Trying)

1. ET Canada

“Metropia rates 4 stars” (the only other 2005 show given 4 stars was CSI).

1. The Globe and Mail

Walter plays the role of the modern don Juan, Andreas Maradona.

“Walter Alza is delicious as the testosterone - driven, boorish waiter Slavic."

1. John Doyle, Globe and Mail

Ken Finkleman's CBC series 'At The Hotel'. Co-starring Don Mackellar and Carlo Rota (24).

Walter has appears in hundreds of publication and tv shows in the USA and Canada.

Awards and Achievements
• 2010 Winner- "Clive Houston, We Have a Problem" wins Best Foreign Film in Nevada Film
• Pay In Full - Official selection Reel World Film Festival sponsored by ACTRA SOLD OUT Screenings
• Pay In Full – Closing film At Toronto Independent Film Festival
• Pay In Full has acquired Distribution and is showing on is Rogers VOD & Pay Per View and seven other networks Across Canada
• Reel World Trailblazer Award
• Gangster Exchange Co Starring Walter Alza wins 6 best feature film awards in USA & Canada

1. Audience Choice Award Winner - Beverly Hills Film Festival

2. Best Canadian Film - Canada Film Festival

3. Best Feature Film - Moving Image Festival

4. Best Feature Film – Royal Flush Film Festival

5. Best Feature Film – Mississauga Film Festival

6. Best Foreign Film – Action On Film International Film Festival

• City of Toronto Award for great achievements as an actor, artist and philanthropist.

• National Film Board/ONF Momentum Program Finalist

• Open Your Eyes Katarina Official Selection - Ireland International Film Festival (sold out screening)

Open Your Eyes Katarina Official Selection –Reel World Film Festival (sold out screening)

Award of Merit from the Multi Mansions Association City of Toronto Award

Walter Alza TV, Print, & Radio National Interviews and appearances USA and abroad in Jim Sheridan’, 50 cent Film Get Rich Or Die Trying & other films.

Jimmy Kimmel Show
Toronto One
The Movie Network
Access Hollywood
OC station red carpet.
Zdon Juan
Playboy Channel
Maxim Spanish Edition
LA NY TV (some of these shows are watch by 8 million viewers and more)
COTORREANDO Y BUENOS DIAS (Telemundo National and Local)
TITULARES Y MAS (Telemundo National)
National and Local)
AL EXITO TV (Ch 22 Local)
DE TODO UN Poco National)
TAPED TV interview with

La Vibra Houston
Vida en el Valle
La Prensa San Antonio

New York Post Tempo (NY)
KMEX CH 34 (Local ˆ Syndicated)
La Vibra Houston
Vida en el Valle
La Prensa San Antonio
Hora Hispana Newspaper
Como Magazine
Excelsior Newspaper
Latino Press Services
Bridgez Magazine
Tu Dinero Magazine
Catalina Magazine
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Latinhop magazine
La banda elastica
Centinel Miami, Flor, NY
Hispanic magazine
New York Post Tempo (NY)
Bridgez Magazine
Tu Dinero Magazine
Catalina Magazine
Suenos – Ivan Cruz
Latinhop magazine
La banda elastica
Centinel Miami, Flor, NY
Hispanic magazine
The Toronto

TAPED TV interview with America Salinas
GRUPO REFORMA (Online 4 websites)
TAPED TV interview with Zuliana Gonzalez
Showbiz Weekly
El Mundo Latino News
Omni 2

Latino Press Services
Hora Hispana Newspaper
Como Magazine
Excelsior Newspaper
CTV E talk daily Walter: Canada’s very own bad Boy
Inside Jam
Star Tv Walter A Scene Stealer
City TV
Toronto Sun TV
Reel To Reel
Rogers one on one
Global TV Daily Show with Anwar Knight
The Toronto Sun
The Star
The Ottawa Sun
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National Post
Orgullo Latino
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Toronto Sun (coming up)New York Post Tempo (NY)
Bridgez Magazine
Tu Dinero Magazine
Catalina Magazine
Suenos ˆ Ivan Cruz
Latinhop magazine
La banda elastica
Centinel Miami, Flor, NY
Hispanic magazine

Vida Latina News
The Mississuaga News
The Toronto Star
The Globe and Mail
TV Guide
Latin Vibes
EL Popular
Playback Cecilia Bogran
KMEX CH 34 (Local ˆ

Acting Credits for Film and Television – Selected Credits
Rookie Blue (Series)
Flashpoint (Series)
Mayday 11
Conduct Unbecoming (Feature)
Dream House (Feature)
Clive Houston, We Have a Problem (Winner Best Film Nevada Film Festival)          
Open Your Eyes Katarina
Pay in Full (Feature)
8 Actors (Feature)
Gangster Exchange (Feature - Winner of 6 Best Feature Film awards)
 “ZOS”  Zone of Separation
Rude Awakenings
At the Hotel (Series)
Get Rich or Die Trying (Feature)
Metropia (80 Episodes – Series)
Direct Action (Feature)
Three and a Half (Feature)
The Adventures of Master Fuming Chu
Verdict in Blood
Their Last Chance (MOW) with Academy Award nominee Ellen Burstyn
Doc (Series)
The Uncles (Feature) voted one of the 10 best Canadian films of 2001 by Toronto International Film
 Festival Press
Sealed with a Kiss (MOW) with John Stamos
PSI Factor
Due South
The Joe Torre Story
Family of Cops (MOW)
Too Close to Home (MOW)
F/X The Series
Talk to Me
The Stuipds (Feature)
The Final Goal (Pilot)
Rent a Kid (MOW) with Leslie Nielsen
Once a Cop (MOW)
Hostage for a Day (MOW) directed by the late, great John Candy
The Hidden Room
Kung Fu
Night Hunt
The Swordsman (Feature)
Secret Service
Top Cops (Several Episodes)

National and International Commercials as a Principal Actor – Selected Credits
Budweiser National (US)
Gatorade Latin America
Miller National (US)
Master Card Canada
Alabama Hydro (US)
Bell Canada



walter alza


cliveWalter is the winner of the Best Foreign Film in Nevada Film Festival 2010 "Clive Houston, We Have a Problem" an edgy comedy. His first film Redemption, Tears and Trains, garnered him critical acclaim from the media. Since then Alza has created his own production company which enables him to write, produce and direct films that matter to him allowing his vision to be seen and heard at the global level.- As well Walter shares the winning of ten other awards.- Because of his tireless efforts to portray diversity in his work, he won the Reel World Film Festivalís Trailblazer Award in 2005 and the City of Toronto Award in 2006. His other films Open Your Eyes Katarina Premiering in The Official Selection of Ireland International Film Festival 2010.

pay in fullHis 2010 Feature film Pay In Full is negotiation for distribution and was the closing film of The Toronto Independent Film Festival and id now ready to screen in several films around the world. Walter has been in the business for over 20 years, and has appeared in pretty much every show in Canada & USA and, he has more than 200 hours of screen time. A devoted crafted Artist open his own Acting Studio 7 years ago to share his tools and vision, today the studio is one the more in depth acting studio in Toronto.