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'if it happened to me, it can happen to you"  Walter Alza

How to become an actor?

Here is Walter Alza's story, I hope it helps each time you have doubt, worry or fear that you cant achieve something

Imagine coming to Canada all the way from the country of wine and tango: Argentina, in the late 80s, with no English skills and wanting to make it big in the most difficult industry in the world, in showbizz. Crazy idea? Of course.

So, for mnay years, Walter Alza was told by many people in the business, friends, family members, that he should find another career, and that he will never make it but he proved the establishment wrong.

Walter Alza (Co star of Get Rich or Die Tryin with 50 cent and Oscar winners and nominated actors Viola Davids & Terrance Howard, directed by legend Jim Sheridan). Walter has won multiple awards a has worked in over 100 episodes(actra , union credits) of television and film, including several major Hollywood films with academy award winning actors and directors, giving memorable performance, Walter Guest Stars on many award winning shows, including Flashpoint and starring in roles such as the 90 episodes Tv show hit Metropia. Walter has succeeded not only in becoming an actor, but as a director, writer and producer, and he shares it at Alza Acting Studios with all his students. (Want to see Walter Alza in action, see video below)

Congrats! Alex Ozerov - Winner of the Academy Canadian Screen Award 2019 -(Netflix Another life, Cardinal, The Americans Co Star)

Alex OzerovAlex hasn't stop working since 2013 on TV and Film, when Alex started training with us he had ZERO Experience, he has been training at Alza Acting Studios for years, taking private coaching with Walter Alza and in group classes (almost 10 years).
"I highly recommend this studio! I owe my current success to them. This studio is where my journey as an actor began. Aside from the skills and techniques of acting that you learn, the most valuable things that I got out of here is the work ethic, discipline, and the character you build along the way, which prepares you for auditions and work on a real set. The class culture is positive and high energy. A real family-like vibe. An environment where true improvement is harnessed


"Walter Alza has been an inspiration to many of my clients. He gives them confidence, perspective and a new approach to auditioning which ultimately helps them win the role." Shari Quallenberg Agent/OWNER AMI Agency


Alza Acting Studios is The destination for the aspiring actors and professional actors in Canada


The Alza System will offer you the chance to develop your instrument and nourish your craft to work on film, television and theatre. In each of Alza Acting Studios classes, it is our mission to develop each actors truth, body, soul and voice. For us it is about the craft, quality versus quantity. The Alza approach is made of a few simple steps, yet we pay respect to our history, to the great legendary teachers such as Sanford Meisner, Stanislavsky, Lee Strasberg and Stella Adler to name a few, they were actors before they become great teachers and directors, so they got what it was needed to be great.  We believe that any one wishing, needing to explore acting and or who wants to become crafted should learn from professionals who actually do the work and understand what it means to be standing on a set or an audition.  The work of the actor is different from class to performance on set, but the work ethic is the same. Discipline is a must, is not enough to just have talent.



Congrats Natalie on her new role in a feature film!
"I strongly recommend training in class and in privates at the Alza Acting Studio. After my first session of classes and privates with Walter Alza, I just landed a lead role in a feature film, a principal role in a television series, and signed with one of the leading agencies in Toronto!" - Natalie Jane (CBC Coroner)


Jadiel DowlinCongrats Jadiel On Winning The Star Rising Award and on his new show, StarFalls on Nickelodeon

" Within only a few months of training with the experienced and talented Alza team through their classes and privates, I managed to land a main role in a television series!The Alza method works, trust it!"
-Jadiel Dowlin Emmy Award Nominee (daytime) for Annedroids, StarFalls Nickelodeon


We transform good actors and people with 0 experience into Award Winning Actors -

You will be trained With our award winning team. Below are some scenes work from Walter Alza's reel (RATED R)- viewers discretion is strongly advised



How much time are you putting into improving your craft? How often are you practicing at home, working with privates, trying new things? How long have you been studying for? Does it really take 10,000 hours to master a craft? How about 5,000 to have success in a craft? 1,000 to gain good knowledge at a craft?

At Alza Acting Studio, student and award winning actor Alex Ozerov studied for four years before landing a major role. That is the quivalent to the time it takes to get a university degree. In that time, he took multiple classes, privates, and studied on his own time, giving time to working on his craft equivalent to having a full-time job as much as he could. At 30 hours a week, over the course of four years, he’d attained 6,420 hours. And he would certainly say that he hadn’t mastered the craft in that time.

Even if you’re only looking to attain knowledge of a craft, if someone only studies three hours a week on a subject, it will still take them 6.4 years to attain 1,000 hours Therefore, to achieve 10,000 hours it would take 64 years of study at three hours a week. Needless to say most of us do not have that much time to take classes.

As any actor today who started with theatre work, commercials, voiceovers, or whatever work they could before attaining success in film and television and they will tell you that the most important aspect of gaining work is to practice, learn, and not expect success to happen overnight. When the door to opportunity knocks, you will be ready for it. Walter Alza



craig porriet"After booking 5 auditions on a roll including Rookie Blue, I can tell you Walter's method works!" C. Porriet

trevorCongrats Trevor just got cast in 2 gigs!I booked a role on a TV show "I owe so much to the studio and the people who make it possible to keep pushing ourselves". Much love! Trevor JT Ketcheson


"I'm so grateful to have Walter Alza as my acting coach." Alicia Josipovic, Degrassi -


See you soon.   





& ALZA'S METHOD 4 Weeks $289 11 AM - 2 PM

(NO experienced needed, click on pic for info)


"Walter Alza has been an inspiration to many of my clients. He gives them confidence, perspective and a new approach to auditioning which ultimately helps them win the role."
- Shari Quallenberg Agent/OWNER AMI Artist Management Inc.

INTERMEDIATE ACTING ON CAMERA 5 Weeks $319 6pm -9:15pm (some experienced needed- click on pic for info) Dean Bajramovic


ADVANCE ACTING ON CAMERA -5 Weeks $319 6pm -9:15 PM (experienced- click on pic for info)
Walter Alza



"Act with A winner" Liz Braun, The Toronto Sun" "Alza is the changing face of television" The Mississauga News.


Alza Acting Studio offers acting classes, private coaching in person and online, actor's career planning and agents showcase ideal for emerging and aspiring actor, the experienced actor, for those crossing over from Theatre to Film, individuals who want to expand from other mediums such as dance, singing and business professionals. The acting classes for adults and the acting classes for teenagers will help you become a crafted and working actor even if you have zero experience. If you need a plan and direction to get in the business Walter Alza can help you get there.


Our actors/students are currently working in leading, guest starring and principal roles in most of the major films and series been shot in Toronto and around the world. Our actors have gone on to win awards and light up the silver screens at some of the top festivals in the world, including Cannes, TIFF, Venice and hundreds more.

The studio has helped shape the career of many successful Canadian actors who have gone on to star, co star and play principal roles in television series, films such as American Assassin with Michael Keaton, IT, Cardinal, The Americans, Bitten, Degrassi, Cracked, Flashpoint, Rookie Blue, Lost Girl, Get Rich Or Die Trying, Blackbird (winner at tiff), What We Have (winner at TIFF Inside Out), Hannibal, HBO’s Transporter, The Strain and Nikita to name a few... As well as commercials and plays like Big Fish, Peter Pan.