Other services

Private Coaching Acting

You can put yourself on the wait list to work with Walter Alza, and there is always room to work with the rest of our award winning faculty.
One on one on private sessions will get you ahead of the competition and help you develop faster and stronger. 

Private Coaching Career Planning
-- Blueprint to success (C)

one on one appointments available for performers to have 45 minutes one on one meetings with Walter Alza. Discussion of personal development, career coaching. Work or demo materials are welcome at this appointment, made available for some of our more experienced participants - and to allow for a more intimate setting and additional time for our more seasoned performers.

Demo Reel Production

our award winning production sister company Alza 44films Ltd can write, direct and produce your own material. We have invested in all new gear to make you look great at an affordable price. (request more info).


Demo Reel editing
our award winning production sister company Alza 44films Ltd offers a simple or more elaborated editing at a competitive price from material from class and or working footage (request more info).


Seminar- Agent and How to get in & be prepared in show business - This is the business of the actor Seminar/Lecture. Must reserve spot in advance. This is recommended for actors that are starting out or that are not getting results with their work, auditions, finding/changing agents etc. actors. Know your craft, know your business.


Audition Self-Tapes


Audition self-tapes are becoming an increasingly popular way of auditioning. For producers it is a much simpler and less expensive method compared to flying in countless actors from other cities or countries just for a simple audition. As such, this method is becoming a standard. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as recording yourself in your bedroom on a webcam. Quality does matter. Our studio provides a way for you to record a self-tape in a well-lit environment, with a technician/reader making sure you look your best on camera. In addition, we can provide coaching to ensure that you not only look your best, but perform your best as well.


Your self-tape session can be provided as DIGITAL FILES USB or SD cards

You have the option of bringing in your own reader.